Switch offers an unprecedented array of events under one roof. Events that will spark new ideas, facilitate the striking of groundbreaking deals and ignite the spirit of innovation. The events will ensure that companies and businesses from around the world that are looking to do business with India, find the right partners. And given Gujarat’s strong power ecosystem and the country’s investment friendly policy environment, Switch is perfectly placed to make a big positive impact on business.
Start-up Platform

Start-ups require a unique eco-system to survive and thrive, a fact highlighted by the Switch’s start-up platform. It aims to provides mentorship and idea exchange programs to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Carried out under the umbrella of Start-up India, this is a platform that is an absolute necessity for any entrepreneur.
Bankers & Venture
Switchs’ Bankers & Venture Capitalists forum is made up of prominent financiers looking to invest in great ideas. It is a one-on-one meeting platform between investors and future entrepreneurs and fertile ground for success stories.
Resale & Refurbish
This section encourages a sustainable business market concept to the electrical industry. This section will be a marketplace of equipment for the secondary market organized through authorized partners. Get some of the best equipment and technology to boost your business.
Surplus Inventory
This platform provides an innovative opportunity to optimize the value of a company’s semi-used or unused inventories. Be it equipment, machinery or consumables that have been simply lying around you can generate value for them at Switch.
Buyers & Sellers
The buyers & sellers meet will allow both parties, be they national or international, to interact directly, strike deals and establish lasting business relationships. This not only furthers the growth of business but also the nation as a whole.
Technology Exchange

The technology exchange platform at Switch allows transfer of technical know-how and helps create a Technology Transfer Network to identify novel uses of technology. This is crucial in identifying tech from across the world that can be manufactured in India. It is also a great platform for Indian companies to add more to their technological know-how.
Innovation Showcase &
The innovation showcase & recognition platform recognizes the innovators of India. Updating the technology is an essential part of the power sector’s growth and it is something Switch is keenly focused upon.